Content delivery

Simple delivery to any screen or network

ZebraOTT is a compact, completely integrated platform for capturing, streaming, reviewing, distributing and publishing rich, multi-stream high definition content.

Content delivery is always evolving. Getting your content from point A to point B is only half the problem. The other half is addressing the complexity of making sure that the right content is delivered to the right audience at the right time (to the right device). Nowadays, many workflows are so extensive that media come from several entry points and are dispersed over numerous locations and platforms. It is often difficult to locate where to put something and how to deliver it, or where to find something and how to access it. Getting or putting media instantly in the right format at the right place is challange today, and ZebraOTT is fronting it successuflly.

With expertise in on-premise and Internet-based video delivery, ZebraOTT products and services simplify your video workflow so you can stream high quality video content quickly and easily - from the source to the screen.

Use ZebraOTT solution and you can be sure that your content is delivered to the right audience.